In the past, you may have seen us walking or driving around your neighbourhood. Perhaps you’ve answered the door to one of our assessors asking to verify the details of your home. The Residential Request for Information (RRFI) is looking to expand our engagement with the people we serve. By sending these questionnaires, we hope to interact with ratepayers on their own schedule. Making it quick and easy for property owners to confirm and provide information to their municipal assessor.

The following municipalities have mailed a Residential Request For Information (RRFI) to confirm and update information on the assessment record. The link above will direct you to the secure site where you will be able to submit your response.

2023 Mailing Municipalities

  • Town of McLennan
  • Town of Edson


The information being requested in the RRFI is verifying data already kept on record for each property. These details allow the assessor to fairly and accurately assess your property. Keeping this data up-to-date ensures a fair and equitable assessment for your property.

Previously, verification of property data was done onsite, via physical inspections during the re-inspection cycle. While we will continue to perform physical inspections, the RFI process allows for greater owner participation and more efficient collection and/or confirmation of data. Data will continue to be collected from permits and blueprints, during construction, rotational site visits, and MLS listings.

The information collected and information currently on file is collected under the authority of the Municipal Government Act (MGA). Within the MGA, property owners must provide the information requested by the assessor. The information collected is only used for assessment purposes.

Duty to provide information
MGA s.295
(1) A person must provide, on request by an assessor, any
information necessary for the assessor to carry out the duties and
responsibilities of an assessor under Parts 9 to 12 and the

Please let us know if there any other questions regarding the Residential Request for Information, or any other assessment inquiry.